Transportation Route

( for bikes )

Transportation Terms & Conditions:

  1. The transportation service has pre-defined routes, and bikes will be picked up from these designated spots only.
  2. Transportation services are limited to participants who have reserved their slots during the early and standard time periods
  3. The details of the pickup, including the specific location and timing, will be shared with you on your registered mobile number & email id. 
  4. The transportation service is exclusively available for bikes.
  5. The transportation service is specifically provided for transportation to and from Jaisalmer. 
  6. Participants are solely responsible for loading and unloading their bikes; the organizers hold no responsibility in this regard.
  7. Participants must obtain transportation insurance to cover any damages that may occur during vehicle transportation, for which the organizers bear no responsibility.
  8. Participants must ensure that their bikes comply with all relevant transportation regulations, including proper documentation, licensing, & adherence to safety standards. 
  9.  Participants are advised to have appropriate insurance coverage to safeguard against any potential loss, damage, or theft.
  10. Participants must follow provided instructions for bike preparation, packaging, and other relevant guidelines.

By utilizing the transportation service, participants acknowledge and accept these terms and conditions.